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One in town…one isn’t

It seems Peyton showed up in Terre Haute. Does anyone want to bet about the odds he tries to play in the preseason game on August 24 (first game at the dome)? Don’t be shocked if it happens. (thanks Sarah for the link)
I haven’t really commented on the Quinn Pitcock situation (he’s absent from camp) mostly because really, he’s still just a kid. A lot of 23-24 year old kids who are faced with tough, demanding work situations decide that they just aren’t up for it. Social science has said in recent years that ‘adolescence’ has been prolonged and now lasts into the mid to late 20s for most people. That essentially means that the emotional difference between most people in their mid 20s is about the same as a 15-16 year old. Honestly, it’s surprising that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often. I hope he can get his head clear and make the best choice for him and his family.
UPDATE: Yes, Bob’s right, he’s officially retired. Unless he calls up the team in two months, unretires, demands his release and sets of a media firestorm. Wait, who are we talking about again?

Demond Sanders: He’s about to turn 25 in September and has already played a season in the league. He’s not a kid in my book. You know why this doesn’t happen more often? Because you’d have to be crazy to throw away a career in the NFL just because you are having so much fun getting high and living in mom’s basement. No offense, JC. As always, I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story.

USA Today Bloggers have named Harrison the #1 Receiver to watch this year. Sounds about right.
LA Jags! LA Jags!