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“One of the greatest days in the history of this  city”

Happy Anniversary! 


It’s been 25 years since Bob Irsay packed his vodka, family, and franchise and headed out of Baltimore in the dead of night for Indianapolis.

In honor of this momentous day, we decided to do a side by side comparison of the two cities 25 years later.  Is Indianapolis a better place to live than Baltimore?  You be the judge

If you care to do some more reading on the topic check out the following articles:

Oehser lists his 25 best Indianapolis Colts.  This is a great list and looks very familiar to meI don’t think 1-3 are debatable.  The order of the top 10 could be argued, but I like the names that are there.  It’s a fine list, and I’m mad I didn’t think of it first.

Clark Judge writes a beautiful piece on Jim Irsay and the connection to his father on this anniversary.  Jim Irsay is everything a fan could hope for from an owner.  Oehser agrees.

25 Years.  Wow.  There have been some important and amazing moments.  This is a day to celebrate.

In other 18to88.com news, be watching for some special interviews this week.

On Monday, we’ll be kicking the week off with 18 Questions with Bob Kravitz.  No, I’m not making that up.