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OUCH! This one hurts…

Anyone want a scholarship to play at IU? Enduring all the transfers was really no big deal, but now that Jordan Crawford is leaving as well, I have to say that I’m a tad despondent. He’s a serious talent, and I was holding out hope that he could improve enough to help the Hoosiers hang around .500. Now apparently anyone with a pair of Chuck Taylors can make the squad.

Simmons mentions the 4 point play as one of the fishiest moments in NBA history. That’s a mild understatement. I don’t get how the NBA gets away with this crap. People can rip Tim Donaghy for being a felon, but when you look at tapes and stats from those games it’s almost impossible to doubt him. Also in this piece, the Sports Guy’s line about Vince Carter made me laugh out loud. I still can’t believe I’ve been reduced to rooting for Boston. I figure in the seedy underbelly of sports that is the NBA, Boston fans are generally positive about the Pacers because of Larry Legend, so I can be gracious as well.