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Pacer Pride

With nothing real to talk about on the Colts front (what? you don’t want to hear more Brady/Manning stuff? Lord knows I don’t), let’s give a shout out to the Blue and Gold. I plan on taking in Saturday night’s game in person, and I’m excited about it. This team has become fun to watch and the tastefully named Mike Dunleavy has been way better than I think any of us could have guessed. 14-12 is nothing to jump up and down about, but the team seems to be playing better. They still lack the go to guy who can take the last shot, but hey, Reggie Miller isn’t walking through that door anytime soon (I still miss him). After a lackluster defensive effort early last night, the Pacers showed that maybe they can play just a tad of D. It is worrisome to see the foul differential between the Pacers and their opponents. It says that they aren’t very physical on the inside offensively. If the jump shots aren’t falling, they struggle.

Kravitz threw down the gauntlet with them today, but it seems a tad misguided. He claims the team won’t make the playoffs (or that he’s not convinced they will), but the odds seem pretty good. John Hollinger’s playoff odds page on ESPN likes the Pacers, and even says that if they played this season 1000 times, the Pacers would win the title…once.

It could be worse, we could still have Isiah as coach.