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The Perfect Crime?

It hit me yesterday that the Colts are 9-0.  We are about to witness a flood of obnoxious articles about their quest for perfection.  This being one of the first.

Colts fans will be reminded of the 13-0 start to 2005.  We’ll hear Tony Dungy’s thoughts and be reminded of some difficult what ifs.  We will be reminded of New England’s EPIC FAIL.  We’ll hear about the Dolphins and their champagne.  We will talk about what it would mean for Manning (or Brees) to go where no man has gone before. 

But first let’s agree on a couple ground rules:

1.)  Perfection means 19-0.  Obviously.  We associate 16-0 with Tom Brady.  We associate 16-0 with failure. 

2.)  Perfection is not the goal.  Again, this is obvious, but it has to be said.  The goal is playing in Miami in February.  Perfection is just something fun to talk about while we wait for the playoffs.

3.)  This website won’t mention perfection again until after this road swing (@Baltimore, @Houston).  At that point the Colts would be 11-0 and over halfway towards perfection.  They’d still have to win another 8 games in a row.  Highly improbable?  Yes. 

4.)  We don’t get excited about perfection unless the team gets much better.  If the Colts get to 14-0 the natural reaction will be to start freaking out.  But I won’t be joining in the hoopla there unless the team improves drastically.  Indy needs to amp up its running game, receiver corps, and overall line play.  In the event that Anthony Gonzalez and Kelvin Hayden come back better than ever I reserve the right to start freaking out.

5.)  If the Colts go undefeated… we are all getting 19-0 tattoos.  I’m not a tattoo guy, but I’m doing it.  You are too. 

6.)  If the Colts go 18-1… I am getting hammered on pills and booze with JC.  I’ll be in south Florida anyway for the game. 

(Okay, now I kind of hope they lose to Baltimore this weekend.)