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Peter King demotes Anthony Gonazlez to fourth  string

Normally, this would be link material, but Peter King’s “10 Things I Think I Think” had an item so absurd that it has to be slammed, and hard.  Here’s the item:

6. I think the most significant single play of the weekend could well have been the right-in-his-hands drop by Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez late in the first half at Detroit. The Colts are trying to give Gonzalez one of two jobs — Marvin Harrison’s right wide-receiver spot, or the slot receiver job. But Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Tom Moore are waiting for Gonzalez to raise his game and grab one of the jobs. After the Gonzalez drop, Manning threw six more passes, none to Gonzalez, and Dallas Clark was back in the slot, his comfort zone with Manning.

Manning’s going to throw to players he trusts, and with Gonzalez dropping a ball like that one — and not making enough plays otherwise in the preseason — he could well make Manning lean on Clark and rookie Austin Collie more inside, and Pierre Garcon outside. That really solves all your fantasy problems with the Colts, doesn’t it?

1.  The Colts aren’t trying to give Gonzalez the slot receiver job.  That’s not something I’ve read anywhere.  He’s the #2 WR, not the slot the guy.
2.  The Colts are waiting for him to raise his game and ‘grab’ one of the two jobs?  That’s stone cold absurd.  He “grabbed” the job last year with his outstanding play and 72% catch rate (#2 in the NFL).
3.  Gonzalez hasn’t made plays in the preseason?  Well, Manning threw to him on a deep ball that turned into a 40 yard interference penalty on the first drive.  He’s had four catches and a TD in not even a full game worth of work this preseason.  One drop is meaningless. It’s less than meaningless.  This guy had the second best catch rate in the NFL last year, and one drop in a preseason game has destroyed Manning’s confidence in him! 
4.  Manning threw six more passes!  None to Gonzalez!  He also threw none to Reggie Wayne!  Reggie Wayne is now the Colts’ third wide out!  Manning didn’t throw to him!
This is probably the single most stupid thing I’ve ever read by King.  It’s so bad, it defies logic and belief.  Pierre Garcon ahead of Gonzalez?
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.