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Peter King figures out that Manning is better than  Brady

Peter King talks quarterbacks today.

As part of his MMQB column, King tries to figure out who the best QB in the business is.  He invariably settles down to an examination of Manning and Brady:

One of the things I considered was the recent playoff records of Brady and Manning. While Brees is 4-1 in his last five playoff games, the two kings are struggling. Look at the last five playoff outings of Manning and Brady:


Last 5



Yards per att.

Peyton Manning





Tom Brady





Again, why would you call those numbers for Manning “struggling”?  The numbers are great.  Are you worried about the 2-3 record?  Maybe that has nothing to do with the QB, PETE!  He also got the numbers wrong.  Manning’s YPA is 7.74 in those games, and his rating is 97.4.  Why King didn’t bother to print that, I don’t know.  I can tell he did the calculation because he had all the components right there.  I suspect that King realized that if he posts that Manning has had a 97.4 rating and the Colts went 2-3 that the entire house of cards of blaming the QB for everything that happens in the playoffs would collapse around him.  Yeah, he’s been “struggling in the playoffs” for sure.

By the way, Brady’s rating over the same span is 82.3.

King rebounds by showing how Manning basically crushes Brady at most everything, but nothing he writes explains why he chooses either guy over Brees.  Generallly speaking, I’m pro-Brees, and if the kinds of standards most people use to evaluate QBs, Brees has to be no worse than #2 in the NFL right now.  I suppose King wants to see more, and his rankings are more legacy based, but then you have to have Favre over Brees.  Frankly the whole thing feels utterly arbitrary.