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Peter King’s NFL Dream Team (All Time, Current,  Future)


At first I wasn’t too angry when I read Peter King’s list. I’m not going to argue against Otto Graham, Johnny U, or Joe Montana. That said, in five years time Peyton will be the starter on this team.

Peter King flat blew it on his All-Time receivers. Once again, it is tough to argue against Don Hutson and Jerry Rice. Hutson played 62 years ago in a very, very different NFL against a completely different level of competition. I’d put Marvin as a starter. King doesn’t even have him on his bench. Instead he has Lance Alworth, Elroy Hirsch, and Raymond Berry. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Let me put it to you this way: Marvin Harrison has an outside chance of finishing his NFL career with more receptions than those three Hall of Fame players combined. Live ball or dead ball – I don’t care. I know I sound like a crazed fan. And I understand that eras are difficult to compare. But folks, we all know Marvin is the real deal. But just to be sure let’s ask Raymond Berry:

“Well, I’ve been following Marvin’s career and I think any ex-player takes pride in their achievements, which of course I did too. The game changes and players come on the scene who always seem to take it to another level in the next generation. And, if there’s anyone in pro football that you’d be proud of to break your record, it would be Marvin Harrison. He is such a credit to the game.”

But that’s not even the whole reason I’m upset. King goes on to tell us that Terrell Owens nearly missed being a reserve. You are dead to me, Peter King.

If you, like me, are furious right now then don’t read King’s All-Current or All-Future Teams. Wow. Torry Holt is a poor man’s Marvin Harrison. Compare their numbers the last two seasons and get back to me. Marvin has 5 more touchdowns, a better ypc, and a ring. Holt and Steve Smith are great players, but if I were Marvin I would take this as a diss.