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I’m not exactly sure what the point of the metaphor was, but PFW has an interesting piece.  It seems to imply the Colts window is closing, because Peyton is getting old.  I’m not sure that is a valid point of view, but the reading was fun.

You peek at this year’s schedule and it has another 10-, 11-win look to it, maybe a playoff win or so. Then it’s another year at the back of the draft bus, and more rookies to sift through, and another Manning birthday. It has been the Indy cycle.

I don’t know. I think the time on the clock is correct. I think the portal is shrinking fast for these Manning-led Colts. I think the old field marshal could use another division or two — that his supply lines have suddenly worn too thin. Reinforcements are required.

I think this is the deepest Colts team in some time.  The only real question is how much tread Reggie Wayne has left.  The rest of the roster is rock solid (as long as the O-line puts it together…).