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Phil B and Johnny O with quotes from Ugoh

Phil B doesn’t like the sound coming out of Ugoh’s mouth

Ugoh basically said he is working hard and thinks he’s doing all he can to keep a job with the team. And he said he didn’t think this change was a motivational move. Maybe it’s the mood I’m in today, chipper from that extra sleep, but the Colts want to wake this guy up, they demote him and he doesn’t think it’s a motivational thing. Uh-OK. Let’s hope Mr. Ugoh isn’t missing his wake-up call.

In other news…no news on Zombie and Dallas Clark has missed two straight practices.  Phil also has an interesting note on the #3 WR race:

Pierre Garcon looks strong, and would appear to be in position for that job, but he’s more of a wideout who can stretch the field, whereas rookie Austin Collie seems ideal for the slot. The question pertained to those two, and the fit the Colts would be looking for at the third receiver slot. Obviously, it’s not a settled position at the moment. In other words, it’s too soon to answer that question. I suspect the Colts will mix it up, depending upon the week. And I won’t be surprised if Reggie Wayne moves around all over the place, and Anthony Gonzalez is flexible as well. Garcon could line up wide, Gonzo could be slot or wide other side and Wayne could be slot, which they have had some success with him there. Then switch back to the usual formations.

Johnny O has more Ugoh quotes

Ugoh said the process of learning to play right tackle is just that – a process:

It’s completely flipped on the other side. So I went from playing left side basically my entire life to turning around. It’s like writing right-handed and turning aroud and trying to write left-handed. I can spell the letters, but they don’t always come out looking as nice as they would on the other side.