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Phil B comments on Yahoo report

Yahoo.com picked up a Phil B Wilson report, and claimed that Anthony Gonzalez could have a torn PCL

The word is that the injured third-year pro was drafted in the first round from Ohio State is looking for a second opinion on a knee injury that won’t go away, according to the Indianapolis StarThe word is that he’s asking Dr. James Andrews, who is likely to confirm that he’s got more than sprained PCL. The thought is that it is likely torn.

The actual article doesn’t claim to have any information, but is merely an interpretation of what Wilson reported originally.  I wrote Phil B to clarify if what he meant syncs with the Yahoo claim.  This is his comment:

This is what is wrong with the Internet today.  Caldwell said Gonzo was getting another opinion on the knee. That’s the only comment we have on it. So somebody somewhere who isn’t dealing with the team takes the statement and interprets it another way.  Could be true. With the Colts history, wouldn’t be surprised. But I don’t know anything other than what Caldwell said. Wish I did.

My gut tells me Gonzo has had a setback. Hope I’m wrong, but he went from doing some work and running to needing another opinion.

I hope the report is wrong, but sometimes, guys know stuff but can’t “out” their sources, either.

Think about it. It is fishy. Caldwell said the past two weeks that Gonzo was improving, he was doing a lot of running, and then last week, he said he was going to get some practice in, now Gonzo needs a second opinion.  I can see how someone outside would assume the worst. I hope he’s wrong, but something inside tells me he might be right.

In other words, the report could be right, it could be wrong. In truth, there is a big difference between getting a second opinion and having season ending surgery.  The important thing to remember is that the Yahoo report doesn’t claim inside knowledge.  It is an interpretation of Wilson’s report.  The possibility exists that Gonzo is done, but there is no ‘evidence’ or source to base that on.  The Yahoo claim was based on Phil B’s report.  Wilson doesn’t have any knowledge of a torn PCL and impending surgery.  That means that Yahoo is guessing (perhaps an educated guess) about Gonzo’s status, but doesn’t have any information to that effect.