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Power and Force

Dr. Ben sends us this hilarious bit of dialogue from the O’Reilly Factor:

Tonight on O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly engaged in a debate on the appropriateness of sending the National Guard being to the Arizona/Mexico border. The other half of the debate was provided by Marc Lamont Hill, PhD from Columbia University.

Here is my transcript of the relevant portion of the debate:

O’Reilly: I’ts the government’s responsibility to protect you.

Hill: I agree. And so the government should look big picture and not just be reactionary.

O’Reilly: Reactionary. (Hill interrupts: Yes) You’ve got to stop the fire. If the fire breaks out, you put it out (Hill: yes, yes, and not be reactionary. This is…this is…this is not how you do it) Then you do big picture: I need new wiring, I’ll get it after the fire’s out!

Hill: I don’t disagree with doing something. What I’m saying is that sending the National Guard is not the way to do it.

O’Reilly: That’s the quickest and easiest; the Guard is there already. (Hill talks over him: And that’s…)

Hill: It won’t help anything. It won’t stop drugs, it won’t stop drugs going down, it won’t stop money coming out, it won’t stop smugglers (O’Reilly interrupts: That’s like saying, that’s like saying…) it won’t stop smugglers…It won’t stop any of the things that you’re talking about, Bill.

O’Reilly: This is like, this is like saying that if Peyton Manning went to the Kansas City Chiefs, it wouldn’t help them. That’s crazy!

Hill: I’m sorry, I’m an intellectual. I don’t do sports metaphors. I…I’m sorry.

O’Reilly (matter-of-factly): OK, he’s the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts; the best quarterback. You get in there: power and force to stop what’s coming across.

Hill: Power and force can’t stop everything. Every, every solution you’ve ever come up with has involved power and force, whether it’s Iran, whether it’s the border…

O’Reilly interrupts: Power and force can stop encroachment by drugs and human smugglers.