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Pre-vision links

I’m still working on our 18 Visions for 2008, but in the meantime feast on a smorgasbord of links. I’m really starting to wonder if the 2008 Colts aren’t incredibly underrated. I think people WANT change in the AFC South, but I’ll be shocked if this Colts team isn’t right at the top of the NFL again. The Freeney issue is still very much in play, but aside from two or three teams in the NFL, I don’t think it will impede the regular season production. The embodiment of this is Bill Simmons, who just picked the Colts to “barely make the playoffs”.
There are two very different schools of thought about the Colts and Jags, and really there is no middle ground. About half the experts think the Jags are juggernauts, and the other half predict them to miss the playoffs. The same people high on the Jags are down on the Colts. They have completely missed the fact that the Jags are WORSE this year than last year, and may be the worst team in the South. Those same people act like the Colts are beset with injuries now, while overlooking the fact that they are HEALTHIER NOW than they were last year when they lost two meaningful games by 5 points.
Wojciechowski has a variety of thoughts on the new season.
Judge weighs in with predictions.
John sent us this nice piece on Peyton.
Gary Horton opines on the loss of Saturday.
Paul Kuharsky thinks the South is the best.
The FO writers were more kind to the Colts than the numbers were. That’s usually the case. The Colts have a unique trait of letting off the gas (both in games and during seasons) more than most teams. That affects numbers that rely on trends.