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Putting this to bed

There’s not much to say about this game.  The Colts had the chance to put a hammer lock on this game, but failed to do so.

The Saints had the better team.  The Colts played and coached far too conservatively to win.

Wayne had an awful game, and Peyton made one bad throw.

In the end, the Colts were done in by all the problems they’ve had all year.

Caldwell coached too conservatively.

Garcon dropped a key pass.

They don’t have a kicker.

They were good enough to beat 30 other teams with those liabilities.

The Saints were too good to beat that way.

There just isn’t much to say.  I’m sure everyone will blame Manning.  Some how, I think that if we had hit the kick and been down 23-20 (Saints would have kicked the XP), that game ends very differently.  I don’t blame him for the pick six, as much as the deep ball to Collie on third and 11 on the missed FG drive.  Indy needed to play that series of downs for four downs, play for the field goal with a short pass, or punt.  Throwing deep and trying a 50+ yard field goal made no sense at all.

Good game, Saints.  You earned that one.  New Orleans went out and won that game.

So, yeah, I can live with the loss.  It sucks, but I can live with it.