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Quinn Pitcock Planning to Relaunch His NFL  Career

You read correctly.  Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports that after Pitcock was waived earlier this week from the Colts’ reserve/did not report list, he is now announcing an interest in restarting his NFL career.

I cannot figure out what is the most surprising about this whole issue.  It baffles me that Quinn Pitcock would make a decision to retire from the NFL after his first season, only to change his mind two years later.  It stuns me that Pitcock would announce his interest in returning to the NFL only after the Colts officially release him.  It absolutely astounds me that Wilson reports there are a number of NFL teams that have expressed interest in Pitcock.

What is more, I do not know which direction the Colts organization should go in handling Pitcock’s new found interest in playing football.

Pitcock originally joined the Colts as a third round draft pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.  At that time, only undrafted free agent Ed Johnson and all-purpose defensive lineman Raheem Brock were functional defensive tackles.  During the 2007 season Pitcock saw his role in the Colts defense grow, though he never moved into the starting lineup.

As a back-up defensive tackle, Pitcock accumulated 30 tackles and 1.5 sacks.  That production is extremely pleasing, given the learning curve for most rookies on the defensive line (see Fili Moala).  All signs indicated that Pitcock would have a strong shot of pushing his way into a starting role for 2008, but he suddenly decided to retire while he was driving to Indianapolis for mini-camp.

The Colts finally release his rights and now he wants to come back to the NFL?  His stated reason for leaving was that he no longer wanted to play football and that he planned to pursue his real estate license.  Did the housing market get so bad that he is using professional football (of all things) as a “fallback?”  I mean, what gives?

The fact is, Pitcock had all the potential in the world and a very strong chance at becoming a starter and key facet of the Colts defense in 2008.  If he has the physical attributes, has taken care of his body, and truly has found his football fire again, he could be just as capable and valuable.

The question that strikes me is, could/should the Colts ever trust him again?  Signing him at this point would be very simple, financially.  Pitcock has experience only in the Colts system, under the same defensive line coach, and he would be an easy swap with a player like Marlon Favorite.

If the Colts simply do not trust them, and I see valid reasons they should not, why would any other NFL franchise be willing to give him a shot?  Of all the organizations in the NFL that a player should feel at home, or happy with, you would think the Colts would be near the top of that list.  What would give another franchise greater confidence than the Colts that Pitcock would stick this time around, is beyond me.

Keep an eye on this development.  I would be very interested to learn the Colts official position on Pitcock and his change of heart.