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Quotes from piece on Saturday in ESPN Mag

For ESPN Insiders, the story on Saturday starts on page 54.

Here are some quotes:

And since Manning and Saturday have been together so long, Manning can always count on the ball being delivered the same way; he never has to take his eyes off the defense.

After the postgame bus arrives at the airport, and equipment is being loaded onto the plane, Manning and his linemen will gather on the tarmac for a cigar.  Last year’s stogie of choice was an Arturo Fuente. The high end Dominican smokes come courtesy of the quarterback, of course.  But once they’re distributed and everyone is ready, it’s the center who lights ’em up.

There’s a great stat on page 58…KC Joyner lists the worst ‘Pull blockers’ in the NFL.  #1?  Mike Pollack.  That is absolutely zero surprise.  Pollack was awful last year.