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Two great radio interviews today that everyone should take the extra time to listen to.

First:  Dom Rhodes talks to Colin Cowherd.  Dom discusses the Colts true feelings about the Patriots.  He talks about what it’s like to play with a hard ass like Manning.  He talks about Dungy as well as what a train wreck the Raiders are.  Do yourself a favor and check out Dom.

The other is an uber-classy job by #18 on Nashville radio.  Kuharsky gets the nod for this link, and it’s worth every minute.  Check out a partial transcript here.

Another Via Kuharsky link, 5 great plays from 08.  This list is impossible to argue with.   Even if you swap out Gonzo’s psycho flip to Wayne from the Vikings game, you’d have to put in Manning’s rocket toss to Reggie later on the same game. 

How bad was it?  I was pumped because the game was on TV here. I watched 2 batters and turned it off.  By the time I got back to my computer 10 minutes later it was already 7-0.  That light at the end of the tunnel is on-coming train.

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Garrard says that Freeney is a big hitter.  Best hit I ever saw him give was one on Leftwich in Indy at the end of a game.  Byron was one tough mother, because he got up and kept running plays.

I defy anyone to read this headline and tell me the Jags aren’t high comedy.  Nice goal, guys.  DREAM BIG!  No joke, here’s a quote:

“The Jacksonville Jaguars are offering local businesses free
advertising to help increase profits during these hard times. It’s
fast, easy and free. All that’s required is a valuable offer for
Jaguars Season Ticketholders, such as: Buy one entrée get a second one
1/2 off, or 25% off of your next dry cleaning bill.”