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Random Colts stats from 2008

In perusing the Football Ousiders Almanac 09 one more time, I ran across some fascinating stats about Peyton Manning’s 2008 season:

  • Manning had the 29th most “underthrown passes”.  I would have expected it to be higher.  It seemed like he was leaving the deep ball short.
  • Manning was 3rd in the NFL with 36 passes dropped.  That doesn’t surprise me.  Drops were a major issue last year.  Reggie Wayne dropped 9 balls (tied for 9th in the league).  Addai dropped 5.
  • Manning was #2 in QB accuracy with 87.2%.  Brees was #1.  This stat attempts to figure out what % of the passes were to the target, not counting Thrown Away, Tipped at Line, or Hit in Motion.
  • Manning was the 9th most hit QB in the league (one of our favorite stats considering he was the least sacked).
  • He was 34th in knocked downs per pass (helps he’s freaking tall)

Other Colts stats:

  • Dwight Freeney led the NFL in QB hurries with 28.  He’s incredible.  Mathis didn’t make the list.
  • He was 10th in the league in QB hits with 10.
  • He was 10th in the league in knockdowns (sacks + hits)
  • Bethea was 8th in the league with 4 dropped INTs (no surprise there)
  • Melvin Bullitt was 8th in the NFL in fewest yards per rush tackle by a DB.  That’s why no one is sweating if Sanders misses a few games.
  • Gary Brackett was 3rd in fewest yards per rush tackle by a line backer.  No, we didn’t miss him down the stretch (/sarcasm).
  • AV was 7th in kickoff value
  • Smith was 5th in gross punting value over average

Team stats:

  • The offense was #1 in fewest 3 and outs
  • The defense was 25th in fewest 3 and outs
  • The offense was #2 in most yards per drive.  They were #4 in points per drive
  • The defense was 27th in yards per drive.
  • The Colts were the 5th best team from the shotgun
  • The Colts D was the 3rd best against the shotgun
  • The Colts offense was 28th in DVOA on play action passes Ouch.  Does anyone think we missed the stretch play a little?