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Random Items of Business

Small but important things:

  • The 18to88 League drafts today at 2 PM Indy time.  You had all better show.
  • If you are following 18to88 on Twitter, and I’m not following you, but you really want me to,send me a tweet.  I’ll pick you up.
  • I got an email (translated via an online translator) from Brazil.  A guy named (I’m not making this up) Victor Hugo Dilger really wants to get his hands on a Ken Dilger jersey.  I know that old Dilger jerseys are like gold, but if you happen to have a bead on one let me know, so I can help our Brazilian friend fulfill his noble dream.
  • I’m doing a piece on getting tickets to the game. If you have any good Indy specific scalping stories or experience with online ticket brokers, pass them along.
  • I’m tyring to figure out how to do my Game Blogs this year.  The nominees are: 
    • “Refresh posts” like I’ve used in the past right here on the main page.
    • Cover it live…without the chat.  Just me typing.  The chat is too hard to moderate and too hard to read after the fact.
    • Twitter posts copied and pasted onto the main page after the game. It’s easy to follow live and easy for me to have interaction with those who want to.

I’m leaning towards Twitter for now, but I’ll take suggestions.  Post them in the comments, please.

Finally, “WTF” just showed up as a spell check option when I mistyped ‘with’ as ‘wth’.

Welcome to the new millenium