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Report from Friday Morning

Westside Rob checks in with a brief morning report:

A tip to pass along. Park in the cheaper $5 parking on university blvd. They are just about as close as the $10 parking.
I have to say I liked rose hulman much better as a fan. Setup was nicer. Parking closer. Traffic a non-issue. Stadium was nicer and it seemed a little bigger. Anderson is better than it used to be but not much. I hope the colts don’t stay in Anderson for too many years. Ed note: It’s an hour closer though.

It was a no pads practice so other than formations and packages there wasnt much too see
Saw defense working some blitz packages out of the nickel and dime packages. More Bullitt in at kind of a LB spot in those packages.
Saw some three tightend goal line formations with Clark, Eldridge, and Robinson.
Foster and Dawson seemed to working ahead of moala. Didn’t see much of Hughes but he looks bigger than advertised. Bigger than Mathis for sure.
Definetly rotating wr’s a lot. Wayne stands apart from team a lot.  Not sure what that’s about.
I also noticed Pollack lining up with first unit most of the time that I could tell.