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Retire it

Retire it.  Immediately.  Hang it from the rafters.  No one should ever wear #88 for the Indianapolis Colts again.  Don’t wait for some young rookie punk to get a notion.  I don’t know the NFL rules on retiring numbers.  And I don’t care.  I don’t care that he isn’t retired from the league.  Doesn’t matter.  Make a rule written or otherwise.  No Colt should wear #88 ever again. 

retire.jpgHere is a list of Colts who have their numbers retired.  Notice that Marvin would be the first from the Indianapolis era.

Johnny Unitas
Buddy Young 22
Lenny Moore 24
Art Donovan 70
Jim Parker 77
Raymond Berry 82
Gino Marchetti 89

DZ Comments:
Simply put, he was a 6 time first team All Pro.

That means 6 times in his career, he was selected as one of the two best receivers
in football by either the AP or the Sporting News.  He played at the same time as the following men:

Jerry Rice
Chris Carter
Randy Moss
Terrell Owens
Tim Brown
Michael Irvin
Larry Fitzgerald
Issac Bruce
Torry Holt
Steve Smith

6 times in 13 seasons Marvin Harrison was one of the two best receivers in football.  In two other seasons he was a second team AP All Pro.  Every season from 1999 to 2006 he was at least a second team All Pro.

I vow to hate anyone who wears 88 in blue and white.  I don’t care about the reason.  I don’t want to hear any excuses. 

It should never be worn again.


Thanks Cass. Nice find.