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Rounds 2 and 3 draft blog

I’ll be mostly out tonight (date night with my wife), but Demond will pick up for me as the Colts pick.  Yes, Demond still exists.  He’s just been a cocoon of sorrow since the Super Bowl.  He’s making his triumphant return to talk about the Colts’ picks tonight.  Jerry Hughes brought him back from the dead.

  • Saffold goes off the board quickly to the Rams.  So much for a (far fetched) trade up.
  • Brian Price was another guy some thought the Colts might be interested in just went.
  • Wow, the Browns passed on Clausen, amazing.
  • The Pats and Denver are up soon.  No confirmation on if Josh McDaniels is going to draft the guy from Monster.com to help him find a new job.
  • NE takes a tight end who hasn’t played in a year.  Nice.

That’s it for me.  Demond will be in to continue soon.