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Roy Hall: Why I don’t give a **** about the draft (and  preseason)

Roy Hall (aka Sasquatch aka The Phantasm) has been waived by the Colts.  Hall was supposed to be the next big thing, but alas he never panned out.  It is too bad, but that’s life in the NFL. 

From a personnel standpoint this move is not a big deal.  The Colts, and those who follow them, seem pleased with the progress of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie at receiver.  There’s no guarantee that Roy Hall, heading into his third season, would have made the team even if healthy.  You could argue that Hall has been kept around this long based on potential rather than on-field results.     

I don’t want to belabor the point, but Roy Hall is a great example of why NFL Draft is overated.  Poor players get drafted.  Great players get drafted too low or not at all.  Until you prove it on the field in the regular season it is all talk.  To an extent you can say the same thing about the preseason.  We fall in love with guys who end up getting cut.  We make sweeping judgments about rookies based on very limited data.

So don’t criticize me for not giving a crap about much of the offseason hoopla.  The Roy Hall lesson is a big reason why I don’t treat the spring and summer with the same enthusiasm as the fall and winter.  You guys can have the Roy Halls and Lance Balls of the NFL… I’ll worry about what the real players do on Sundays.  Once again it has been proved that “potential” is the dirtiest word in sports.