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Same old, Same old

Some days it just doesn’t pay to stroll around the internet.

Today’s random bit of nonsense should not bother me in the slightest. It’s nothing new.  It’s nothing we haven’t dealt with time and time again.

Today, our good friends at Cold Hard Football Facts rated Peyton Manning the fourth best quarterback…

Not of all time.

Playing right now.

CHFF places him behind Brady, Roethlisberger and Warner.

Pardon me while I count to ten to lower my blood pressure.

There…that’s better.  They do their typical job of running fast and loose with the truth such as when they fail to note that Ben Roethlisberger posted one of the worst passer ratings in Super Bowls in history.  But in their book he’s a “clutch playmaker”…

It’s all the same old arguments we’ve seen dozens of times from them.  They blame Manning for playoff losses in 2007 and 2008.  They talk about how badly he played in the playoffs.  We’ve tried to use facts and stats to show them the folly of their ways, but they refuse to see the light.  I’m sure New England and Pittsburgh fans are happy with their guys, and they should be.  They should also be happy with their defenses in the years they won it all.

I have only two responses to this new (old) bit of nonsense:

1.  I would refer you to the two articles that were linked above that systematically eviscerate the CHFF lunacy surrounding 18.

2.  I will bang my head on the wall repeatedly until I find sweet concussed release from the madness inflicted on me by CHFF.