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Santi ready to go

In good news for the Peyton Manning watch, rookie TE Tom Santi has been declared ready to practice. He is supposed to be about two weeks ahead of Peyton, which would put Manning on pace to begin practice the week leading up to the Bears game. I think we all know that’s not quite ideal, but it makes it really nice that we get to face Kyle Orton in week one.
As I sit here and watch Argentina/Brazil in the Olympic semi-finals, allow me to make just one small suggestion to the brass at NBC…DON’T CUT TO COMMERCIAL JUST BEFORE A CORNER KICK. I had to switch off to Telemundo to watch Riquelme send one into the box. That’s just embarrassing. It’s bad enough they didn’t pay to have announcers actually be AT the game, but to cut away for commercials twice a half…it’s really bush league broadcasting.