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Saturday’s back!

The Colts have signed would-be free agent Jeff Saturday to a new contract.  This means the 33 year old veteran will have the chance to retire as a Colt.  More importantly it means the Colts have a chance to be a good team next year.  We all agree the Colts can afford to lose guys like Dom Rhodes, Josh Thomas, and (oh no what ever will we do?) Matt Giordano.  The Colts simply could not lose Saturday and hope to win 12 games or more.  This is huge.  Let’s celebrate by looking at this picture of Deshawn Zombie and Jeff Saturday.  If I recall correctly, DZ had just wrapped a stint as Big Daddy in a local theater production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

DZ Comments:  Four things:
1.  Demond is a jerk.  I hate you.
2.  This officially gives the Colts a shot for real improvement in 2009.  The O-line has a chance to to improve now.  Basically, while I could see one of the linemen improving enough to make 2009 a good season, I couldn’t see two of them doing it.  Betting that Pollack gets better is fine, and maybe Diem comes back stronger.  But hoping that both of those happen AND that Jamey Richards plays as well as Saturday did just wasn’t viable.  The 2009 line had a way to go just to become an AVERAGE run blocking group.
3.  While this is a great move for this season, we’ll see how long it lasts.  Saturday is the best option for 2009.  Beyond that, will be hard to say.  That’s why we weren’t jumping off a cliff earlier this week. 
4.  Jim Irsay is a great owner.  Have I mentioned that?

AV talks to Colin about the post-Dungy and Marvin era.  Great interview.