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Schedule Released…Colts to play other NFL teams 16 times in 2007!

The NFL posted the schedule for 2007.

Here’s a blow by blow for the Colts:

Week 1-Thursday night with NO Saints. We’ve known for sometime now that this was going to be the NFL’s kickoff game. Should be a tough contest, but then again, it IS an NFC team.

Week 2-@ Titans A good way to start the road season. The Titans had a ridiculously lucky season last year in terms of kick returns and fumble recoveries. Watch for a major regression in 2008. Winning teams don’t have QBs that post ratings in the 60s.

Week 3-@ Houston Ok, so we lost there last year. I’m not sweating. 3-0

Week 4-Home vs. Denver A tough game against a perennial power team, that we just happen to wholesale own.

Week 5-Home vs Tampa Put it on the boooooooooard, YES!

Week 6-Bye A great time to have a bye week. Not too early, so as to be useless, but a great way to prepare for….

Week 7-@Jacksonville J-holes on Monday Night. Should be a great game against a division rival. I guarantee at least one major coaching gaffe by Jack Del Rio and that Josh Scobee will miss a makeable field goal. Put it in the bank now.

Week 8-@ Carolina Surprisingly, this could be one of the only games with questionable weather for the Colts all year, and that is very unlikely. I’d say that late October in North Carolina should be pretty decent.

Week 9-New England Patriots The shocker of the 2007 schedule is that this game is NOT in prime time which shows that the geniuses in the NFL don’t know how to serve the fans. Let’s be honest, the winner of this game has a very strong shot at winning the Super Bowl. The loser of the regular season Colts/Patriots game has not won a Super Bowl in the last 8 years. The winner has 4 times.

Week 10-@ San Diego on Sunday Night-This should be a tremendous game. Please God, let us find a WLB by then! Gilbert Gardner might get killed by LT otherwise.

Week 11-Chiefs Damon Huard! Other guys in White Jerseys! oooooh

Week 12-@ ATL on Thanksgiving #18 vs. Vick. The Man, the myth.

Week 13-Jholes come to town See week 7

Now December starts…the home stretch
Week 14 @ Ravens tentatively scheduled for Sunday Night. This year, the NFL has prearranged Sunday Night games, but reserves the right to change them. A nice move. This will be our one true Cold Weather Game this season. But, hell, we beat them in January, December shouldn’t be any trouble.

Week 15-@ Raiders. The game when everyone starts to realize that drafting Jamarcus Russell might have been a huge mistake.

Week 16-Texans at home. A Christmas feast!

Week 17-Titans at home The Colts second stringers pick over the rotting carcass of what once was the meteoric rise of Vince Young’s career.

All in all, the Colts are slated for 5 games on national TV, though that can change. They play on 2 Thursdays, 2 Sunday nights, and once on Monday. It’s impossible to know if this is a tough or easy schedule because NFL teams rise and fall. The Chargers may suck this year while Denver becomes a force. You never know. Nothing is sure in this life but death, taxes, and Jack Del Rio suffering a brain cramp at least once a game.