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See You on the Other Side of the Equator

I’m heading back to Argentina today.  It’s been a good month here in Hoosierland, but my my real life beckons. Be sure to be checking out the twitter updates from Hartz and Mock today.  They’ve been delivering the goods from training camp all morning.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well.  I’m actually usuing the account for more than just updates.  I sometimes pass along unrelated links I don’t feel like posting on the blog

I’ll check back in tomorrow or Wednesday with that book review of Dungy’s The Mentor Leader.  Don’t expect anything until later in the day, however.  I’ll probably post some links tomorrow afternoon, but after an all night flight with three small kids, I’m going to be toast.

It was wonderful meeting so many of you on this trip.  For those who want a copy of Blue Blood autographed, I have left a stack of signed books here.  I can’t personalize them (obviously), but if you want to buy a signed copy, email me and I’ll make sure you get one sent to you.  The book should be showing up in stores (finally) as well, so be on the look out for it.  I won’t get the chance to see my book on shelves, so if you happen to be at a greater Indianapolis store and see it, snap a picture and send it to me, just for kicks.  Thanks!

I love my life and my real job, but leaving Indianapolis and the amazing people I love so much here breaks my heart every time.  Naptowners, you live in the greatest city on earth. Never take it for granted!