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Site Note: New RSS feed for Daily Links

Just a quick note:  There is a new RSS feed for the Daily Links.  The old one was causing problems for the site.  If you follow the links through a toolbar or RSS reader, please update your feed.

Unless a story is truly significant, I won’t post it on the front page.  I do try to post the daily injury report and minutea of the team, but the heart of this site analysis.  The Daily Links is where you can get minor news.  So, when the Colts bring back Hagler, that’s a story.  When Don Brown misses practice on Thursday, that’s a link.  If you’ve never noticed the daily links, I would encourage you to check them out.

I also use my twitter feed to track stories as well.  Often, I’ll retweet a good story quickly, and might not link it up until later.