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Slightly Too Early 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Happy New Years! To supplement this great day of college football, I have decided to release a slightly too early NFL mock draft. Projecting the draft is one of the most inaccurate, difficult, frustrating and fun things an NFL fan can do. It allows any fan to take the role of GM and build the team as he or she sees fit. In this mock, I used the records as of week 17 in the NFL to determine the order. While all of these players will not end up being first round picks, I believe these players have the best shot. Feel free to make your own mocks or add to mine in the comments section.

1. Carolina (2-13) QB Andrew Luck, Stanford. 6-4 235.

Although Carolina drafted two quarterbacks in 2010, they are still in need of a franchise signal caller. Andrew Luck fits this bill. Displaying exemplary poise, competitiveness and toughness, Luck has all the intangibles necessary to succeed on the NFL level. Physically, Luck has everything a team wants in a quarterback. He has the arm strength to make every throw, throws a tight accurate spiral and supposedly runs a 40 in the 4.5’s. This year, he proved he could operate both under center and in the shotgun, as well as in the pocket and on the move. Under former Colt Jim Harbaugh’s tutelage, Luck has become as close to a sure thing as possible. Watch his run against Cal or his hit against Shareece Wright of USC to see his toughness in action.

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