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The NFL’s Pro Bowl rosters were announced today. Guess what? There are no Jaguars on it. The media just can’t imagine how no Jaguars made the team. They argue that the Jags had strong cases for both QB David Garrard and RB Fred Taylor. Both Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai of the Colts made the roster at those positions. Pete Prisco thinks Taylor should have gone instead of Addai. He’s very wrong. Addai has 10 more touchdowns than Taylor and 30 more receptions. He also leads Taylor in total yards by more than 200. Most importantly his team swept the Jags this season. Nice try, Pete.

Congrats to Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Bob Sanders, Peyton Manning, and Joseph Addai. Pretty good day for the Colts. Although you could argue that the Indy defense deserved more representation. Gary Brackett and the entire secondary deserve recognition for their performance.

Deshawn Zombie Comments: I’ve had it. I’m boycotting the Pro Bowl. That’s right. I won’t be going to Hawaii to the Pro Bowl. Gary Brackett has been dominant this year causing 9 interceptions. If a DB had done this, they’d be calling him an All Pro. Brackett is a far bigger snub than any of the Jholes. We already delineated how Taylor is not one of the three best RBs in the AFC (although neither is Willie Parker). How does the number two defense in football only have one Pro Bowl player? Brackett has been there warring every week in a year when guys have been going down left and right.

So take that NFL. I won’t go to Hawaii!

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