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Someone explain to me…

How is this is a foul…

and this isn’t

And people wonder why I hate the NBA. I’m fine with the refs swallowing the whistle for off the ball stuff in the final couple of seconds. I’m fine with the ref not calling a foul in favor of an offensive player careening out of control in the lane desperately hoping to draw contact. But how can you not whistle contact against a guy with ball in his hands trying to hit the game winning shot from a relatively set, stable position?

You know why no one cared about Donaghy throwing games? Because at least that made sense. At least we could all say, “Oh no wonder he sucked. He was on the take”. What logic or reason is there behind this no call? We are left to posit and speculate as to why the NBA might possibly want the Lakers in the finals and not the Spurs. I hate the conspiracy theory stuff, but geeze, sometimes it almost is the simplest explanation. Without it, I’m forced to assume that a multi-billion dollar corporation with global reach merely hires incompetent boobs to fill one of the most important roles in its operations (and no that’s not a Violet Palmer joke-though it could be).

The kicker is…I don’t even care about these teams. It just pisses me off on principle.

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