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Something Big is Coming…

But not yet. We’ll get to that later. For now, some links:
The Colts picked up Dawson and Simpson, IRing Hart. Tough break for the kid, who looked to have some playing time ahead of him. Here’s a full list of all the transactions.

MDS of FO does an EPC on #18. That is to say, Michael David Smith looks at every play by Peyton. He loved Peyton’s game, but lays serious hate on both the O-line and Marvin. Make of it what you will.
Dr. Z has the opposite opinion of #88 in his power rankings this week
ESPN the Ragazine says hold on to the Jaddai Master and Peyton

Scramble for the Ball compares players to video game characters. I can’t believe they beat us to it.

Peyton is the AFC Player of the Week
. Um, yeah. It’s the 17th time he’s won it. Wow. That’s more than a full season’s worth. You can basically count on Manning winning this at least one week a season EVERY season. Amazing.
In a piece about the Chiefs not trading Tony Gonzalez, J Whit makes an interesting point about signing marquee players to ‘one contract too many’ using 18 and 88 as an example.
They don’t stream it anymore (thanks a lot Floria), but the Polian corner is still around. This week it’s with Chris Polian as Bill is away at league meetings.