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So…who has momentum again?

A funny thing happened yesterday in the NFL, everyone lost momentum.

The Chargers still have it, thanks to Billy Volek.  But they almost lost it.

The Colts and Saints waived good bye to it a long time ago.

The Cardinals don’t have it, but they claim to not need it.

I’m hazy as to whether the Vikings have it or not.  Yes, they lost three of their last five, but they had a blow out win to close the season.  Does that qualify as getting it back?

The hottest team in the NFC going into yesterday was the Eagles who had won 6 in a row.  But then they lost.  Now they’ve still won 4 of their last 5, so I’m confused as to whether or not they have it.

DALLAS!  The Cowboys have it, right?  They won their last three. Ah, but they are just 3-2 in their last five, and the numbers show that going back to 1979, that’s not hot ‘enough’.

Green Bay.  That’s an easy one.  They won their last game AND won 4 of 5.  They’ll cruise to Miami, I’m sure.

The Patriots don’t have it obviously.  Yesterday people were saying to watch out for them, but they lost their last game (and some inconsequential WR), so we can’t take them seriously.  By the way, did anyone stop to notice that they won more games with Matt Cassel last year than with Tom Brady this year?

The Pats are playing the Ravens in the first round, who like the Pats, won just three of their last five, but they won the last game, so you have to think they have the momentum going in.  Momentum is, of course, more important than matchups and players.

The Bengals clearly don’t have it.  They got blown out in the last game and lost three of their last five.  They are no match for the mighty Jets whose two game win streak towers as the second longest in the AFC playoffs.

So here’s the definitive momentum list:

Have it: Chargers, Packers

Don’t have it: Colts, Saints, Bengals

Had it, but lost it: Eagles

Lost it, but found it:  Vikings

Don’t need it: Cardinals

Could have had it, but it blew out its knee: Patriots

Depends entirely on how you define it:  Ravens, Jets, Cowboys