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Soy un Perdedor

“Stats are for losers”, they say.

Yeah, but they said the same thing about Star Wars and comic books, and look how that turned out for me.

I love the numbers, and one of my favorite parts of every Monday is heading over to the NFL stats pages to pour over who is where.  Now as part of my weekly contribution to Cold Hard Football Facts, I get started on Sunday afternoon.  For the record, I enjoyed researching that Texans/Jags game.  Seriously.  After covering three straight Texans games, I now no longer fear them at all.  Demond rightly compared them to the 2001-2002 Colts team. Lots of fire power, really shaky D.

Here’s some of the feel good numbers after three weeks in the season.

Peyton Manning:

  • #2 in passing yards (8 behind Rivers)
  • #2 in Passer Rating at 117.7 (Brees is at 118.1)
  • #1 in YPA
  • #4 in comp % at 68.8% (Roethlisberger is at 71.6)
  • #2 in TD passes with 7 (Brees has 9)

Reggie Wayne/Dallas Clark

  • 4th and 7th in receptions with 20 and 18 (Moss has 26)
  • 1st and 4th in yards with 325 and 284
  • tied for 2nd with 2 TDs along with Garcon as well (Colston has 3)

Dwight Freeney is third in sacks with 4 (Antwan Odom has 7)

Antoine Bethea is tied for fourth with 2 picks (three with 3)

The Colts are:

  • 4th in total offense (1st in passing, 2nd in yards per play)
  • 5th in defensive yards per play
  • 3rd in fewest points allowed.
  • 8th in sacks, 6th in defensive passer rating, 2nd in passing TDs allowed.
  • 31st in 3rd down % allowed.  The Colts D gives up 50% of all third downs.  I definitely believe the injuries in the secondary are hurting this number.