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Start the Clock on Manning

With Brett Farve’s streak mercifully over, Peyton Manning can begin putting his records in the cross-hairs. 

Of all the records, the last one Manning will likely pass would be his consecutive starts streak.  Should Peyton stay healthy and desire to play, it will take nearly six more full seasons to pass Favre.  That would take him through age 40.  If Peyton decides to play that long, it would mean his eventual replacement is now probably in high school and the Colts shouldn’t think about drafting another quarterback for at least four to five more years.  Here’s the pace Peyton would need to set to beat Favre’s records in six years (assuming Favre doesn’t play again).

Most touchdowns:  Manning trails by 115.  Peyton needs to average around 19 touchdowns a season.  He’s never had a season with fewer than 26.  At his current pace, he’d reach this record in just under four seasons.

Most completions:  Manning trails by 1685. He would need about 280 a season.  His fewest in a year was 305. At his current pace, he’d reach this record early in 2015, in five seasons.

Most yards:  Manning trails by 17,619.  He would need to average roughly 2900 yards a season.  He’s never thrown for fewer than 3,747.  At his current pace, he’d reach this record in just under four seasons.

Most wins:  Manning trails Favre by 47 wins.  He’d need to average 8 a year to pass Favre.  He currently averages more than 10 wins a season and would pass this some time in 2015 on his current pace.

It will be interesting to look at this next contract for Manning.  Given these numbers, I would hope that everyone would sit down and say, “Ok, let’s make it a six year deal and give this our best shot”.  Given the success of Kurt Warner and Favre as older quarterbacks, there’s no reason to believe Manning won’t have solid years down the stretch