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Today’s randomness includes 18 Plays which you can download here or listen to in the embedded player. ITunes users should already have the episode downloaded.

Congrats to the 18to88.com Fantasy League winner HoosierHoops and his team DaColtz.  He bested me in the championship game, but seeing as how he posted a freaking 185 (the highest score of the year), I don’t feel too bad about it.  His prize is two preseason tickets for next year.  Everyone who finished in the top 8 gets a prize.  Winners should email us at 18to88@gmail.com to claim their prizes before January 1.

Here’s my happy thought of the day:
The 1995 Cardiac Colts went to San Diego in round 1…and won.
Then they went to the AFC #1 seed and beat a team no one really trusted on the road because that team couldn’t score when it counted.
Then they played at Pittsburgh.

That road might look very familiar before everything is said and done.

Demond linked this story the other day
.  Frankly, I think adding the names Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown make the phrase “3 Time MVP” MORE prestigious, not less.  It has always seemed lame to me that Favre was the only one, as if it was the result of grade inflation or the ‘modern game’.  When you add the names Unitas, Brown (and Manning?) to it, it sounds more amazing, and makes Favre seem greater than he did when he was the only one.

One comment on the seeding issue:  I have no problem with it.  In a league with unbalanced schedules and years where some teams (AFC East, cough cough) get an amazing slate of terrible teams, I favor the current system.  Winning your division HAS to count for something, and it forces teams to match up with each other.  Jacksonville and Tennessee are built to beat Indy.  I like that.  The Colts didn’t win the big division game at Tennessee, and now they have to travel for the playoffs.  It’s their own fault.  Want to stay home?  Win the division.  Division rivalries are the lifeblood of the NFL.  They should be fostered and protected.

Demond Sanders:  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Before this year it didn’t bother me.  But the idea of a 12-4 team playing at an 8-8 team is wrong.  The Colts go to the playoffs every year, so it is not a big deal for us to suck it up.  But what about the teams who don’t?  A 12 win season is actually a rare thing for most franchises.  Say Detroit randomly have a great year at 12-4, but the Packers go 13-3.  I don’t want to be the one to tell the Detroit fans they have to go on the road to a 9 or 10 win division winner.  A real life example of this is Atlanta who might win 11 games this year, but be forced to travel to the absolutely wretched Cardinals.     

Phil B reviews the tape of the Jags game

Marvin might play.  Don’t be surprised to them feed him for 7 catches.  I can only hope.

Here’s more fodder for my claim that BB and Dungy have been the best coaches this year.

The Polian Corner was excellent this week

USA Today has 18 on top for MVP

CHFF says Randy Moss is the Pats MVP this year.  He was last year too.  He makes almost anyone look good.

Peyton is Player of the Week for the AFC (again)