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Taping the Hoosiers

I never would have gone to the trouble of recording a Hoosiers game to watch a couple of hours late before, but in this season of multiple blackouts, I’m relishing any tube time I get with them. Since I have a work event from 1-4 today, I’m going to record the game. This is relevant for two reasons: 1. IU is must see TV for the first time in a long time and 2. They seem like they are barely ever on. It’s a perfect storm of crapiness.

UPDATE: Well, that was a lousy effort. I’m too mad to even write anything. Sampson let that game get out of hand early after the 9-0 lead. The team started playing like they were up 20, and he didn’t reign them in. I’m too mad to even write anything coherent right now.

In other news:
Here’s a great piece about Super Bowl rings. Scroll down for Vinatieri’s story behind his LXI ring.