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Ten Things I Saw in Week Six

1.  Rough week for the NFL.  Some really tough games to watch, with few exceptions.  Hopefully the primetime games will be more entertaining.

2.  OT against the Rams?  My goodness.  The Jaguars find new ways to wow me each week.

3.  The Patriots are going to win the AFC East.  I’ve been saying it for several weeks, but Mark Sanchez isn’t any good yet.  Actually he’s pretty bad. 

4.  The Pats love running up the score.  Not exactly a newsflash.  It is good for the league to have Moss, Belichick, and Brady (listed in order of importance) relevant again.

5.  Tennessee is the worst team in the league by a wide margin.  Just not a lot to say about them right now.  Fisher and Collins need to go.  Scapegoats?  Yes, but they still need to go.

6.  Oakland has two wins?  How?

7.  I said it last week, but Houston is going to win more than people think.  I’ll amend that slightly by adding:  Houston is going to the playoffs. 

8.  The Saints deserve the hype, and they are welcome to it.  The more the media focuses on Brees and Favre, the happier I’ll be.  Expect the Colts and Manning get ignored in the weeks leading up to the Pats game. 

9.  That’s another heartbreaking loss for the Ravens.  Three in a row.  They’re still in the thick of the AFC North race, but at some point you have to beat a good team.  And play a little defense. 

10.  Bye weeks suck.  Actually I already knew that, but watching Fitzpatrick and Sanchez slop around in overtime has reaffirmed it.