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Tenth win nearly slips out of Indy’s grasp, but Colts take the 3 seed

Several key miscues made it a close one with a pair of big 3rd down drops, OPI on a 4th down conversion and a Dom Rhodes fumble that seemed to seal the game for the Titans ended promising drives. Defensively the Colts struggled in coverage and to get pressure rushing 4 against extra blockers being held in.

Headlining the statistical milestones Peyton Manning set a new single season completions record and the Colts extended their 10+ win season streak. The Colts O looked effective minus those mistakes on crucial downs and the D was able to contain the Titans run game very well. However the pass D’s struggle is troubling. Missing 3 of 4 starters in the secondary the Colts are totally dependent on quick pressure to stop the passing game.

In the end the Colts were able to put it away and take the 3 seed available thanks to the Raiders beatdown of the Chiefs in the early games. The Texans pulled away from the MJD/Garrard-less Jags late meaning the Colts would make the playoffs no matter their result tonight, but the win gives the Colts a first round matchup against the Jets rather than the Ravens, and means they can’t face the top seeded Patriots before the AFC Championship.