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Thanks Joe, for proving my point

For almost three years now, we’ve been beating the drum that quarterbacks get way too much credit for wins and losses, especially come playoff time.

Joe Flacco turned in the greatest case study in history today.

The sophomore QB lead his Ravens into Foxboro and scored a stunning upset over the Tom Brady led Pats.  Young Flacco raised his playoff record to 3-1 with the win, showing that he’s clearly ready to make the leap to the next level of elite QBs in the NFL.

If you believe that QBs are responsible for wins and that playoff wins are an especially good way to judge quarterbacks, then you can take that last paragraph, toss in Flacco’s 4/10 for 34 yards a pick and Painteresque rating of 10.0, and smoke it.

Flacco now has posted three postseason wins in the last two years.  Here are his numbers just for the games he won:

24/65 (36.9%), for 330 yards (5.1 YPA), 1 TD, 1 pick , rating of 52.7

Seriously.  Three wins.  Those numbers.

There’s no need to throw in his loss numbers (13/30, 141, 3 INT, 18.2 rating), he looks bad enough in games his team prevails in.

This week you may see or read stories about Flacco.  Ignore them.  He has been an abject disaster in the playoffs.  There is nothing redeeming about his play.

The next time someone starts quoting so and so’s playoff record…tell them to Flacco off.


It’s not innate of anything, but Tom Brady’s career playoff passer rating now stands at 85.5.  Peyton Manning’s is now 85.0. Interesting.