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The battle for perfection
  • Tom Brady is a trash talking punk. He immediately got up in his opponents’ faces after throwing a touchdown in the first quarter. Peyton Manning would never do that. Actually very few NFL quarterbacks would do that.
  • This has game of the year written all over it. Pittsburgh isn’t doing the one thing you have to do to hang with New England. Cover NFL MVP Randy Moss. Just cover him.
  • Luckily for Pittsburgh, the Pats’ D is fairly wretched.
  • Unlucky break goes against the Steelers on the shanked punt. Pats recover.
  • New England looks inept running the football. That Sammy Morris injury was quietly huge.
  • Jacked field goal for New England balances out the turnover. Pitts D seems to have its sea legs now.
  • Yes, I realize this is third unofficial game of the year.
  • Pittsburgh converts on fourth and 1. Three plays later they face another fourth and 1. Another conversion. Drive stalls. Field goal.
  • New England leads 17-13 at the half. Pittsburgh has looked average on defense, despite the fact that they are the NFL’s stingiest club. It clearly requires 30+ points to beat New England. I’m not sure the Steelers have that kind of firepower.
  • The Patriots bust the game wide open with a trick play. Brady to Moss back to Brady. Brady throws a lame duck, but the receiver is so wide open that it doesn’t matter. Kudos to the Patriots for trying something different. Looks like they’re headed to 13-0.
  • Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are turning in an embarrassing performance. Fortunately for them the Steelers have been even worse. The lost to the Jets appears to be legit. They aren’t any good. They have forced exactly zero turnovers. The Patriots are going to Welker every single time because Pittsburgh is blitzing every single time.
  • The Steelers weren’t able to cash in some early opportunities in this one. Very similar to the Colts struggles in the first half against the Patriots. Enjoy getting drilled by Jacksonville next week boys.