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The Saints are Panicking

When a reader wrote me today and begged me to rip on Gregg Williams for his comments about Peyton Manning, I initially declined.

Generally speaking, I find trash talk boring and felt that Williams’ words must have been taken out of context.  Certainly, no one would be so stupid as to openly admit that he wanted his team to illegally hit the most high profile quarterback in football in the most watched game of the year.  Surely, only an idiot would do something so stupid.  No good strategist would alert the NFL and its officials that he was ordering his team to go after the league’s top commodity and most visible player.

No, Gregg Williams couldn’t possibly be that stupid.

I was wrong.

The more I read about William’s further statements, the more obvious it becomes that he WAS trying to intimidate Manning by talking.  When asked if he was afraid his words might lead to penalties, he said,

“If it happens, it happens.”


I’m astounded that this is all the Saints have to resort to.  Empty threats.  Williams has to know that he is tugging on Superman’s cape at this point.  Manning has to be salivating over the opportunity to crack open Williams’ defense and eat it for dinner next Sunday along with some nice fava beans.  Do teams really think they can intimidate the Colts at this point?  This team? The team that just got trashed talked for a week by the King of Trash and then bashed his team’s head in on the way to the Super Bowl?

Williams is only provoking Manning, and nothing good can come of that.  The Colts are quiet assassins, and I don’t think the Saints are prepared for what is about to come upon them.

I’ve felt weirdly confident about this game despite the fact that a lot of the stats point to an even matchup, but after reading everything Williams said, I’m sure now.

Indy is going to win this game.  The Saints are so scared, they think the only way to win is to intentionally injure Manning. Spin it however you want, that’s what Williams is saying.  That kind of cowardice is contagious.  Come the first drive on Sunday, when the Saints don’t lay a hand on Peyton, they’ll know in their hearts that it is over.  He’s no 40 year old corpse fighting for one more resurrection.  He’s the freaking greatest quarterback ever dead in his prime, and he’s going to eviscerate them.  Williams screwed his team over with this kind of talk.  They won’t be able to breathe on Manning without a flag now.  Good luck beating him as the officials mark of 15 yards a pop…that’s if the Colts O line even lets them touch him at all.

Bring it on Gregg Williams.

You are already beaten, and you don’t even know it yet.