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The Crazies Are Out in Force

Thanks to the largess of CHFF, I’ve spent most of the day dealing with comments from psychos who couldn’t be more ignorant (“Manning SUCKED against Pittsburgh”…Wow).  I appreciate it when they link to us, but could CHFF send us some of their literate readers for once?  Why all the mouth breathers?  (Insert own punchline here).  Anyway, because of that, and work on Eyes in the Backfield (coming soon), and a much needed couple of days away, all I can manage is a few links.  I’ll be gone for a couple of days, so if you are out there and insane, just wait a bit, and I’ll be back to deal with your nut job comments later.

In the meantime, check out the “12 Plays” Podcast above, or download it here.

Yahoo says 88 is done with Indy soon
.  We know.  It’s sad.

Jack Del Rio is a class act.  Oh wait, no he’s not.

Yahoo Sports has some playoff yapping

Don Banks of SI looks at Playoff Odds.

Chad Pennington wins the CPOY again.

John Clayton says Indy keeps things close.

While I find the concept of a Pacifist Viking personally offensive, the guy is a genius.

The Polian Corner is always good

CBS looks at the game

Foxsports says the Colts turnaround is more than just Manning.  Yeah, well it also calls his protection “superb”.  Get a clue.

The Dungy Tree might just add another branch

Gregg Doyel asks ‘What has Belichick ever won without Tom Brady?’  Uh, 11 games with some guy off the street.