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The Luke (in brief)

Tomorrow night, Demond and I will be reviving 18 Plays for this season. We’ll do a full run down of the game replete with commentary on the half time show which was at least as entertaining as anything we saw on the field tonight. Because it’s a preseason game, and there is only so much to talk about, forgive for leaving some bullets in my gun until tomorrow.
I didn’t see the idea about a full on photo blog until I got home tonight, but it’s a good one. We’ll try to get one done after Thursday game.
For now, I’ll just leave you with these pictures:
This is the view walking into the Luke. The building is impressively huge.

I love the view of the Old Girl with the window open (why does that sound like I’m a stalker?). Someday soon it’ll be the skyline. Rest in peace, Hoosier Dome.

Manning was on the field in pregames. You could pick him out by his gigantic forehead. He walked freely with no limp. He didn’t seem to be favoring his leg. He did some mock passes and positioning with Caldwell, and seemed to be clowning a bit. Caldwell bumped him and he sort of ‘stumbled naturally’. It had no effect on how he walked, and it didn’t seem to hurt him at all. Honestly, if you didn’t know he was hurt, you wouldn’t have figured it out from tonight. I watched him for an hour solid. Now I really do sound like a stalker.

The view of the banner as the roof opened. I’ll never get tired of that shot.

The view from our seats. We’ll talk more about them on the podcast. We came out pretty ok. Westside Rob…I saw where your seats were. You got jobbed, bro. I’m really sorry. Come by 616 row 8 anytime.