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Vinatieri has hip surgery      BEST                      X                   X                    X

Verdict:  All four covered the story almost exactly as the Colts released it, but only Kuharsky had the quote from Caldwell that AV would be ready to start the season.  The next day, the Star came up with good quotes from Polian for the print edition, but they were not available on Friday.  Ultimately, the Star had the best coverage, but you had to wait for it.

Manning comments on       BEST                         X                   X                    X
coaching situation
Verdict:  All four covered the story, even Colts.com. Kuharsky had the story up first, complete with an ESPN video report that also contained a Reggie Wayne quote that did not show up anywhere else.  Oehser did an excellent job comparing Manning’s statements on Friday to earlier ones and putting the whole issue in perspective.  Colts.com tilted the story away from the controversy and onto Manning’s focus, but provided quotes the other sources didn’t.  The Star story as posted Friday was not as detailed, and contained fewer quotes than the other sources.

Billy Cundiff brought     Only Stampede Blue reported this story.
in to try out

Reggie Wayne and                 X                       BEST          2 Days later           X     
the new seating chart
Verdict:  Kuharsky had this first, but Oehser augmented it with a Manning quote.  The Indy Star reported it until two days later as part of a feature story on Wayne.  Colts.com had a video interview with Wayne, which covered many topics.

Freeney wants to play           BEST                    X             Next Day            NO
Verdict: Kuharsky was first, Oehser had the same info. It was just a humorous anecdote, but not one you could get other places.  The Star had it in the print edition, but it was not online until Saturday.

Joseph Addai had knee           X                 BEST           Next Day            NO
Verdict:   Johnny O pulled in this fairly important scoop on Friday. Kuharsky had it mentioned in another piece.

Freeney comments                NO                    BEST              NO                  NO
on Ed Johnson
Verdict:  Only Oehser had the quote on Friday.

He’s been smiling”                  NO                   NO            BEST                NO
Verdict:  Only the Star relayed this quote from Reggie Wayne about Manning

Feature interview
                   NO                      X                 Next Day              X
with Reggie Wayne
Verdict:  Oehser did a great interview with Wayne for Colts.com.  Then he followed it up with more Wayne quotes, including one about what he and 88 have discussed after the season.  Great work from Johnny O again.  The Star ran a great feature on Wayne on Sunday, which included some unique quotes including “I am the Marv”.  All three were different, but valuable.  No one gets the best mark here.

Saturday comments          X                      NO           Two days later              X
on the running game
Verdict:  Kuharsky was the first one to have these quotes that reminded me of the O-line mindset after the Pittsburgh debacle to end the ’05 season. The Star followed up with an excellent, and fuller article on Monday on the same topic.  It was a better look at the issue, but was two days later than the Kuharsky piece. 

Confirmation from Irsay      NO                      Next Day          BEST               NO          
about Moore/Mudd
Verdict:  Chappell had this one before anyone else.  Oehser followed up the next day with commentary, but was still quoting the Star.

Why Franklin?                    X                           X                      BEST            NO
Verdict:  Kuharsky and Oehser mentioned it, but the Star linked to a detailed AP piece with the most quotes, and followed it up with one from Caldwell the next day.

Caldwell quotes:            X                     &nb
sp; BEST   &n
bsp;                   NO                X
Verdict:  Johnny O had several good ones from Caldwell.  Colts.com had a video of Caldwell’s press conference which was also interesting.  Oehser had an additional wrap-up piece on Colts.com with Caldwell.

Notes from the camp     BEST                   X                       Next Day             NO
action (Saturday)
Verdict:  Kuharsky’s Saturday notes were incredible, really one of the best pieces of the weekend.  Oehser actually had a reader chip in with some excellent observations. The Star had some notes on Sunday morning, but Kuharsky took the prize here.  Stampede Blue also featured some fan observations.

Quotes on Caldwell’s     
BEST                  NO                         NO                NO

Verdict:  Kuharsky featured some excellent material from Polian about Caldwell

Article on Addai        
NO                   NO                            NO             BEST
sharing w/Brown

Verdict:  Oehser came through on Colts.com with a nice interview with how Joe Addai felt about splitting carries.

Commentary on        BEST                   X                   Next Day            Next Day
Verdict:  Kuharsky weighed in with good thoughts on the importance of Lilja’s return to the Colts.  Oehser and the Star both touched on his progress in their notes section.  Colts.com had quotes from Caldwell on video about Lilja. 

Justice/Giguere         X              BEST                  Next Day               NO
Verdict:  Oehser had a little bit more, a day earlier

Bob Sanders        NO                   BEST               Next Day                  X
health update
Verdict:  Same coverage, Johnny O ‘won the race’ by a day.

Sunday Notes        NO                 BEST              Next Day                   NO
Verdict:  Oehser’s notes from Sunday were more detailed and came a full day earlier.