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The Classic Colts (updated 2/23/10)

What is a Classic Colt?

We at 18to88.com recognize that great teams are made up of more than just superstars.  Actually, so are bad teams.  Not every Colt that made an impact will gain induction into the Ring of Honor.  For those who were good, and even occasionally great, we have created the special designation “Classic Colt”.   All inductees will be mailed a lovely certificate thanking them for their service and the memories that they gave us.  Some of these men played very well for very bad teams, and deserve some recognition for that.  If you have any memories or thoughts of these fine players, please pass them along to 18to88@gmail.com.  Your thoughts will be added to the bio of the players.  Here is our current list of the “Classic Colts.”  Click on each player for our thoughts about what made them special.

Jason Belser

Marcus Pollard

Duane Bickett

Jon Hand

Justin Snow

Howard Mudd

Tom Moore

Dominic Rhodes

Hunter Smith

Rules for Being a Classic Colt

  1. Player must play at least five years for the Indianapolis Colts.  Baltimore doesn’t want us, and guess what…we don’t want them either.  Very shortly, we’ll have more Colts Super Bowls than they will.
  2. Player must be best known for being a Colt (for example, Tony Siragusa, while popular and a great Colt, is probable better known for his time with the Ravens.  Therefore, he doesn’t qualify.)
  3. Player cannot be in the Colts Ring of Honor-Bill Brooks, Jim Harbaugh, and other future inductees already have their recognition from the club.
  4. Players must be valuable, yet somehow under-appreciated. Albert Bentley is the best example of this.
  5. Submit your nominations to us here for ratification.
  6. The rules for being a Classic Colt are different than the list included in the book Blue Blood. The book served a different purpose than this list.