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There is no such thing as “Momentum”

No arugments.  Just numbers.

Since 2004, teams entering the playoffs with a winning streak of at least three games are 15-16 in the playoffs.

The 2005 Steelers are the only team with a winning streak of at least three games that has won the Super Bowl in that stretch

Only one other team made the Super Bowl (2007 Patriots).

Only three teams have won two playoff games (2006 Pats, 2007 Chargers, 2007 Patriots).

The last 10 Super Bowl Champions win streaks going into the playoffs:

2008 Steelers:  1 Game

2007 Giants:  0 Games

2006 Colts:  1 Game

2005 Steelers:  4 Games

2004 Pats: 2 Games

2003 Pats:  12 Games

2002 Bucs:  1 Game

2001 Pats:  6 Games

2000 Ravens:  7 Games

1999 Rams: 0 Games

The hottest team (most consecutive wins) going into the playoffs each of the past 10 years and their final record in the playoffs:

2008:  Colts (0-1)

2007: Patriots (2-1, lost SB)

2006:  San Diego (0-1)

2005:  Washington (1-1)

2004: Pittsburgh (1-1)

2003:  Patriots (3-0, won SB)

2002:  Titans (1-1)

2001: Patriots and Rams (Met in SB, 6-1 combined)

2000:  Ravens (4-0 won SB)

1999:  Titans 3-1(lost SB)

Sometimes the hot team wins.  Usually they don’t.  Teams with a 1 game or zero game winning streak are as likely to win a Super Bowl in the past decade as teams with a longer winning streak.

There is no such thing as momentum.