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Thoughts on the Broncos Game
  • This was a strange game. The offensive lineup looked like something out of the preseason with Bryan Fletcher, Aaron Moorehead, and Kenton Keith playing big roles in the second half. I half expected Jim Sorgi or Josh Betts to get under Center.
  • Peyton Manning had one of his most impressive days as a professional. Missing Marvin Harrison is a scary thing. He’s like a security blanket, but the offense showed no fear. Manning accounted for four scores and didn’t settle for a field goal until the game was well in hand. Of course it doesn’t hurt when your line is plowing gigantic holes.
  • Obviously the story line will be the injuries. Depressing injury to Rob Morris. It took an offensive explosion to lift the crowd’s spirit. Morris looked really upset as they carted him off. That’s a really bad sign. Hopefully the rest of the injuries will be inconsequential, especially given the bye coming up.
  • The run defense looked dazed and confused well before they lost Rob Morris and Bob Sanders. Some of this was great play-calling by Shanahan and execution by Travis Henry, but its hard to ignore that Henry was finding cut back lanes galore. Looked a lot like the problems that plagued them last year. Jay Cutler did his best Jake Plummer impression for awhile, but the Colts D adjusted to the Broncos constant bootlegging in the second half.
  • Joseph Addai very well could be the next emerging superstar in the NFL, but he’ll have to wait his turn in line behind Tony Romo. Addai is starting to bust the long runs that the Colts haven’t had since a man named Faulk roamed the Dome. He can run outside or downhill inside the tackles. His running in the redzone has been a revelation, although Peyton vultured a potential second touchdown. Addai looks like the best running back from the 2006 NFL draft.
  • Dallas Clark is an unholy monster. He’s caught four of the last five touchdown receptions for the Colts. Anthony Gonzalez once again sees the field only in the two minute drill. On the bright side, he made a great snag and showed off his considerable wheels.

DZ comments: The good news is that on the post game show, the injuries didn’t sound so bad. Addai was fine. Marvin said he could have gone back in as well. How sweet was it for him to come back on the field, catch his one ball to keep the streak alive before the leg tightened up, and then leave. Funny stuff.

John Clayton has a great breakdown on this game. It’s awesome how deep into Shanahan’s head Peyton has gotten. If you don’t think Shanahan is a great coach, just check out the first 15 plays from this game. If a team could script 60 plays, the Broncos would rarely lose.

My favorite announcer moment of the day came at the end of the Ravens/Browns tilt. I think it was Kevin Harlen who said, “It’s interesting to note that the Ravens have only forced 11 turnovers this year. Last year, they finished the year with 40.” 11 turnovers in 4 games translates into 44 turnovers. Nice job, Kevin. I bet that IS what’s wrong with the Ravens.