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Thursday Injury Report: Colts v. Redskins

Here’s the second injury report of the week, commentary to follow:


Sanders, Bob – Biceps

Conner, Kavell – Foot


Addai, Joseph – Neck

Brackett, Gary – Groin

Hart, Mike – Hip

Mathis, Robert – Rest

Lacey, Jacob – Foot


Brown, Donald – Hamstring

Collie, Austin – Foot

Garcon, Pierre – Hamstring

Gonzalez, Anthony – Ankle


Powers, Jerraud – Foot

Johnson, Charlie – Foot

Bethea, Antoine – Hamstring

Freeney, Dwight – Rest

Jim Caldwell wasn’t lying when he said the running back situation would come down to the last minute.  I was encouraged by Addai’s participation in Wednesday’s practice, but no practice on Thursday could point to a regression or setback with his situation.  It could also be precautionary and he may practice on Friday.  I still expect him to play, but I’m much closer to 50/50 on this than I was yesterday.

Meanwhile, Donald Brown returned to practice on Thursday.  I think he goes full on Friday, barring a setback, and takes the field on Sunday.  The Colts desperately want to enter the bye week 4-2, and the possibility of having all three running backs available will help them achieve that goal.  In that same vein,  I expect Mike Hart to practice tomorrow and be good to go on Sunday.

Austin Collie’s return to practice can only mean good things.  I fully expect him to play on Sunday regardless of his participation on Friday, but it would be nice to see him get out there for a full session.  Collie will be one of the players that really benefits from the bye week, as rest is really the best medicine for his injury.

It’s good that Anthony Gonzalez has been able to practice two straight days, but I still stand firm with what we’ve been “reporting” for the past few weeks:  Gonzalez won’t play till after the bye.  The reason that Gonzalez continues to have these nagging injuries isn’t because he’s injury prone, it’s because the body is a system, and he’s suffering from a cascade of injuries due to last years catastrophic knee injury.  He forced and rushed things in the summer, presumably to win a starting job, and suffered because of it.  This time they’ll take it nice and easy, and he’ll be 100% come Week 8.

Slightly concerned about Brackett, but not too much.  He’s given interviews and has been seen in the locker room, which I always take to mean a player is playing.  The Redskins have two very good tight ends, Fred Davis and Chris Cooley, so Brackett’s availability is big.  I think he’ll practice Friday and be good to go come Sunday.

Last, there’s been some speculation that Lacey could play despite foot soreness this week.  I don’t believe he does.  Perhaps he’ll practice Friday and prove me wrong, but Justin Tryon has filled in well as the nickel corner back, and frankly, the Redskins don’t feature the type of offense that will use three or four great wide receivers to spread a defense out.  I think they give Lacey a full month of rest (the past two weeks plus the bye time) to get to 100%.

If the Colts can limp into the Bye week at 4-2, they should come out of it as close to 100% as possible.  The only area of concern after the Bye Week should be safety, where Bob Sanders return is still around two months away.

Last update tomorrow with my full compliment of guesses.